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The thought of your air compressor, drying and filtration systems shutting down is a nightmare for your business. When you need to get your system up and running, call Compressed Air Systems. We get you back in business

Air Compressor Maintenance for Energy Efficiency

Compressed air can be one of the largest energy consumers in your facility. Though it runs quietly in the background, it should be one of your first considerations when trying to reduce production costs.
Compressed Air Systems evaluates your current compressed air system uses and needs to offer solutions that keep you energy efficient. You would be surprised to know that you may be able to achieve 20-30% reduction in energy costs by making a few tweaks.

We check for air leaks, assess your demand, peak load, and look for areas to reduce CO2 emissions and future maintenance. We help close the loop on your maintenance budget concerns. Poor maintenance is the primary reason for major system repairs. Schedule your monthly, biannual and annual maintenance with us for the best results.


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Compressed Air Systems should be your first choice for first installations and reinstallations of air compressors. With 25 years serving the Greater Seattle areas, we have the expertise to design your most efficient compressed air system. We stay ahead of industry technology with continued education on best practices and the best products. Our goal is to make compressed air efficiently using the right technology that minimizes loads, maximizes efficiency and make controlling the system easy.
Compressed Air Systems continues to service Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom counties with pride. Contact us today for repair, maintenance and new installation of your compressed air system.